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Our parent group ELECO plc was founded in 1895 and has always been associated with the provision of technical innovation.

The Group’s software solutions are trusted by international customers and used throughout the building lifecycle to support project management, estimation, visualisation, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and property management.

  • Listet as LSE:ELCO

  • ELECO PLC Group: 246 Employees

  • Market-leading provider of software solutions for the construction industry

ELECO plc was founded back in 1895 and was listed as LSE:ELCO in 1939.
By 2014, the company had transformed itself into a specialist, market-leading provider of digital software solutions for the construction industry and facilities management, with core geographical markets: UK, SW, GER, NL and the USA with expansion into other European and international markets.

ELECO PLC Group employs a total of 246 people:

  • 78 employees in customer service
  • 80 employees in software development
  • 56 in sales and marketing
  • 32 employees in administration

ELECO enables organisations supporting the lifecycle of buildings across a range of industries to operate efficiently through the use of market-leading, integrated software. From centres of excellence in the UK, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and the US, our established software portfolio is deployed from the early design stages through to construction and facilities management, managing the performance and day-to-day operations of its clients’ businesses.

ELECO’s software solutions are developed by highly skilled and innovative in-house development teams in close collaboration with their clients. Customers are supported by flexible training, technical support and consultancy services to maximise benefits.

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