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Welcome onboard Gerflor!

We are delighted to welcome Gerflor as Materialo’s newest texture partner. As a renowned flooring manufacturer, Gerflor brings a wealth of high-quality textures and materials to our platform.

The combination of Gerflor’s expertise in floor design with Materialo’s innovative approach to room visualisation promises exciting opportunities for interior architects, designers and interior decorators.

Together we are redefining the future of interior design!

Materialo’s Texture Partnership is a cooperation between Materialo and manufacturers of high-quality materials, especially textures and surfaces used in interior design and interior decoration. This partnership enables manufacturers to present their products on the Materialo platform and make them accessible to users, including interior architects, interior designers and designers.

Through this partnership, material manufacturers can present their textures and products to a wide audience of professionals working in interior design. The Materialo platform offers users the possibility to visualise different textures and materials in real time and integrate them into their projects. This facilitates decision-making and allows users to experience the desired materials before actually applying the

The texture partnership offers significant benefits to both manufacturers and users of the platform. Manufacturers can expand their reach, showcase their products and reach potential customers. At the same time, users gain access to a wide range of high-quality materials that they can integrate into their design projects. The partnership helps to make the design of spaces more efficient, inspiring and purposeful.

Overall, Materialo’s texture partnership creates a win-win situation where manufacturers can showcase their products and users have access to a diverse selection of high-quality textures and materials for their creative design projects.

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